Gong Xi Fa Ca! {Wishing you prosperity! in Mandarin}

Happy 4710!
It’s the year of the dragon, a symbol of good luck. Here, more about the auspicious sign.

1. The only mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is thought to be a combination of the other 11 signs, including the teeth of a tiger, the belly of a rabbit, the body of a snake and the legs of a horse.

2. Joan of Arc, John Lennon and Salvador Dalí were born in years of the dragon. People born under the dragon are thought to be confident, artistic, natural leaders, lucky and well respected.

3. Chinese emperors have long been associated with the dragon. As such, it’s highly disrespectful to disfigure a dragon in any way.

4. Red symbolizes fire and drives away bad luck, and it’s customary during any New Year celebration to wear red and decorate with red paper. Children receive “lucky money” in red envelopes from friends and relatives.

WELCOME to the year of the Dragon + GOODBYE to the year of the Rabbit…

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