Janine + Simon have a large front room that was both their living room and dining room and found themselves stuck on how to divide the space successfully. I was excited and up for the challenge to create a room with intentional divisions of space. They have an infant daughter and a couple of active cats we kept in mind when selecting the furnishings and accessories.

The room was painted a deep red, the floor covering was carpet, and art work hung from their travels around the world. It was a heavy, warm space that we lightened up by adding wood flooring, a cool paint color, and reflective surfaces to balance the warmth of the wood flooring + furniture.

The sofa divides the living room from the dining room and can be easily rearranged in the event of a party or dinner. Two lounge chairs sit in the front window in order to allow the most visibility and light the exterior has to offer. The console table anchors the room with a light, mirrored aesthetic while being large enough to give the room a definitive focal point. They are enjoying their new room and love the feeling they get when they enter daily as it’s their home’s first impression.

Photos by Parallel Photography



And a few before photos:

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