My friend Chena is insanely talented.  She’s the friend you invite to your knitting group to see if she might like knitting and by the end of the evening she’s teaching everyone creative techniques she created on the fly.  Chena can draw, paint, knit, sew, embroider, cook, design…there’s nothing she can’t do when it comes to creating.

Chena also has a wonderful blog Alabaster Studio that is so much fun to follow and see what she can possibly come up with next.


Art is personal and can evoke so many different feelings from the viewer.  It can be complex or simple, beautiful or ugly, silly or sinister. It’s a visual story that’s told by the artist and left to the viewer’s imagination to decipher.

Art can be that one little detail that brings a space together or adds that ‘cherry on top’ to a room.  It can make a space come alive and it can tell a changing story. You might stop to look at a piece collected from your travels or that you’ve created, and it instantly conjures up a memory or a feeling. Other times you might notice colors, shapes and pictures as if you’re seeing a piece for the first time.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite Etsy artists whose work captivates me. Their amazing pieces of original art are quite accessible, and I’ve selected a couple of pieces from each which I’ve been coveting. Perhaps you’ll find something that speaks to you. Enjoy!

Alabaster Studio


Artist: Julianna Swaney
(pencil and collage drawing on paper)
Etsy store: Oh My Cavalier!
Website: Oh My Cavalier! Blog


Artist: Stacey Rees
(abstract mixed media)
Etsy store: Wallnut
Blog: Stacey Rees Blog

They didn't want to be seen, so they left

Artist: Felicita Sala
(watercolour and collage on heavyweight paper)
Etsy Store: Babouche Rouge
Blog: Babouche Rouge Blog

The Concentration and the Romance

Artist: Hollie Chastain
(Giclee print on paper)
Etsy store: drkennedyjones
Blog: drkennedyjones blog

Sculptures that add a little whimsey in your environment.
I couldn’t pick just one…

Feeling Buddhist



Feeling Hindu

Artist: Mitsy
(Unglazed ceramic)
Etsy Store: Art Mind
Blog: Art Mind Etcetera Blog

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