Rummers are celebrated today just as they were in the 1960′s when Robert Rummer was building them around the outlying Portland neighborhoods. What a pleasure it was to work on a Rummer with wonderful homeowners, an amazing designer: m.o.daby design , and very talented contractors: Cellar Ridge Custom Homes.

The home is being remodeled in phases and the most recent phase was relocating the kitchen, combining a bedroom and a family room to create one office, revamping their laundry room into a dog spa with exterior access, and to relocate their son’s bedroom. Matthew Daby was responsible for the creative layout and left the kitchen, laundry + bathroom designing to me. Owners Kathleen and Jeremy were very committed to thinking through every last detail to make sure they’d be happy with their long-term love for their Rummer. Although we didn’t stay inside the truest lines of an original Rummer design, we did create a modernized version of something we think Mr. Rummer would be proud of.

Portland Monthly’s Kristin Belz wrote an article on Rummers last week and mentions the Historic Preservation League of Oregon is presenting a Rummer Tour and a retro slide show by Charles Phoenix on June 2nd and 3rd.

Photos by Parallel Photography


Remodeled Hallway looking toward Bathroom

Remodeled Hallway + Kitchen

Glass Tile Backsplash and Quartz Countertops

The Rummer Resident Portuguese Water Dog, Macy

Remodeled Bathroom with Glass Tile Backsplash + Quartz Countertop

Glass Tile and Electric Mirror Detail

m.o.daby designed Exterior Addition

And what would a remodel be with out a few before shots?

Former Dining Room

Former Bathroom

Former Kitchen

The former dining room is now the relocated kitchen


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